How to Choose a Safe Baby Stroller

Baby stroller or stroller is now increasingly used as a tool for parents, especially when they want to travel with Little One. However, the safety factor must be the main concern compared to other factors. Baby stroller can be used for babies up to the age of 3-4 years before the child can really walk smoothly on their own. Many choices of baby stroller available on the market, not to confuse parents. Prioritize Safety Factors when Choosing a Baby Stroller In addition to consideration of appearance and price, some safety factors for prams that must be considered are: Practical brakes Some stroller has brakes that lock two wheels at once, not just one wheel as usual. Choose the stroller brakes that you think are the easiest to use. Then, also make sure the brakes are not reachable by the child's hands. Stroller with disc brakes or disc brakes will provide extra security when going uphill or downhill. Seat belt resistance Generally for a stroller, there is a choice o
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